Driver Center

Damage Management

Damage Management

Accident management
In the event of an accident involving your vehicle, you can contact us around the clock (Driver Center 041 748 37 37). Please send the accident report to Arval. Our specialist will ensure that your vehicle is repaired as quickly as possible. Arval will see to the financial, technical and administrative management of the damage.

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Glass damage
With 25 branches, more than 110 ‘mobile workshops’ and its own DESA ACADEMY training, DESA is Switzerland’s No. 1 in vehicle glass repair and replacement.

How you benefit from our partnership with DESA Autoglass:
- On-site Service: Window replacement or repair, DESA deals with most damage directly where it’s happened.
- Guarantee: 3 years’ guarantee on work and material, and life-long guarantee in case of damage caused by leakage.
- Easy: One phone call is all that’s needed. Arval and DESA will take care of the rest.
- Services: Window repair / Window replacement for windscreens, side and rear windows as well as panoramic windscreens / Window polishing.

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Maintenance and repair

Maintenance and repair

Maintenance and repair

Timely servicing is important to keep the car in good shape. For repairs and servicing to your car, you are free to visit the brand dealer of your choice. Following approval by Arval, the required servicing can be carried out, after which we will check and pay the invoice. Each garage work will be followed up by a letter from Arval providing a summary of the work that has been carried out as well as the related costs. This gives you an overview of the received maintenance on your vehicle.

Naturally, Arval will also keep track of all the work carried out on an individual vehicle. You can consult the repair and maintenance history of your car via the reports and analysis module on the ‘My Arval’ webpage or on the Arval Mobile+ App. This provides you with a quick, clear overview of the key data.

Please keep in mind to inform the dealer, that your car belongs to Arval, therefore all services and maintenance work needs to be approved by Arval.

Please ensure absolute compliance with the manufacturer's designated service intervals for the purposes of warranty and goodwill claims as well as your own safety.




Depending on the agreement signed, your fuel card may be valid only nationally or internationally, services may be limited to fuel purchases only or extended to car wash, small parts and other products.

Please store your fuel card carefully and protect the magnetic strip against high temperatures and magnetic fields. You will need a four-digit PIN code to pay, please keep your PIN secret.

You will be asked for the mileage on your leasing vehicle every time you pay with your fuel card. Entering the correct mileage every time you fill up is important, as this information is essential for us to identify discrepancies between agreed and effective mileage.

Fuel card mislaid
Should you lose track of your fuel card, please contact us as soon as possible on 041 748 37 37.

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Tyres Arval

Tyres Arval

As you can see from our list of tyre partners, we work with several tyre retailers all over Switzerland.

Please request these services exclusively from one of Arval’s tyre partners:
- Tyre purchases (winter and summer tyres)
- Wheel balancing
- Tyre changing
- Tyre storage
- Disposing of old tyres

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Replacement vehicle

Replacement vehicle Arval

Replacement vehicle Arval

If the lease car is temporarily unavailable, due to servicing or repair work, for instance, we can provide you with a replacement vehicle:

- This vehicle will be equivalent to your regular company car or one class lower, depending on what has been agreed between your employer and Arval.
- Depending on the agreement in place, either Arval or your employer will take over the costs of the replacement vehicle.
- Arval will handle the delivery and collection of the replacement vehicle.

Vehicle return

Vehicle return

Three months before the lease contract expires you will receive instructions on returning your vehicle. These describe how the lease vehicle should be returned or handed over to another person. The instructions also contain information on checking for any damage.

When the vehicle is returned the interior and exterior must be clean. The (spare) keys, full service folder and any accessories offered as part of the lease must be handed back. A charge will be made for any missing items.

The Arval Account Manager will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Vehicle purchase

Vehicle purchase Arval

Vehicle purchase Arval

Catch the opportunity to purchase your company vehicle, for you or your relatives:
- You perfectly know the vehicle you drive every day.
- You will get it at a competitive price.
- No need to return the vehicle.
- You keep it during the transaction and become the owner after the effective payment.

Are you interested? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are pleased to make you an quotation!