Why Arval ?

We manage, you keep control

For most companies, managing and implementing their fleet policy is not a core activity. It is difficult to complete these tasks as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible if the organisation does not have the required knowledge, skills and resources. This is why, in practice, organisations that keep their fleet management in-house are often forced to invest far more time and money than is actually necessary. Leasing can save you a lot of money while allowing you to retain control of your fleet, safe in the knowledge that you have arranged everything properly. At Arval, our motto is We manage. You keep control. Watch the video to see how we do this.

Arval makes leasing a painless experience

Arval is a reliable and experienced partner in the area of vehicle leasing, with a network of as many as 1,000 corporate clients.

Why choose Arval?

Arval is the partner of choice in the world of vehicle leasing. Why? Because we are experienced: We serve 100,000 professionals, manage 144,000 vehicles in the entrepreneurial/small corporates segment, and have a vast network of 1,000 partners. We can provide you with any type of vehicle for as long as you like: one month, 12 months, 2 years, 5 years, or even longer. Our online platform -- Arval Smart Experience -- is fully available to both drivers and clients. As a result, you're just one click or call away from your dedicated account manager.



Arval Smart Experience

Arval Smart Experience, deployed in 25 countries, makes you and your driver smarter by letting you interact through multiple channels and access key information quickly. As the client, you can link to your network through a single entry point -- Arval Connect -- and, via Fleet View, consult your key performance indicators at a glance. You can also get the latest automotive news. Your drivers can stay in touch with you anytime, anywhere thanks to an up-to-the-minute mobile application which offers them all of the main functionalities of the desktop version.