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A variety of products for all needs

Whether you need a one-day contract or a 5-year one, Arval’s solutions offer you flexibility and reliability and help keep costs under control.

Alongside its Long-Term rental solutions, offering clear benefits for your organisation’s mobility and fleet strategy, Arval provides vehicles for Mid-Term rental and Short-Term rental and also runs an innovative car-sharing scheme.


An easy and cost-effective way of financing and managing business vehicles, long-term rental allows you to lease brand new cars and vans without having to tie up capital in order to purchase them.

Arval’s full-service-contracts run between 2 and 5 years (although they can be longer). You have the use of new cars without up-front costs. Instead, you budget your expenditure as a fixed monthly amount. We offer the widest choice of models, and our competitive costs factor in the benefit of our buying power. We handle all aspects of maintenance and tyre management for you, and supply you with replacement vehicles when necessary. We take the hassle out of running a car, or a fleet of cars.

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For a variety of reasons, you may need the reassurance of a car leasing solution but without a long-term commitment. Arval’s mid-term rental solution is a simple and flexible full-service product.

Sometimes it’s difficult to estimate how long you will need a car. With the ease of a full service leasing contract and the flexibility of a short term rental, Arval Mid-Term Rental offers the best of both worlds. Arval Mid-Term Rental is the flexible solution for your vehicle fleet over a period of 1 - 24 months. With high standard, popular vehicles at competitive pricing including all services, you are ensured of a good solution.

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Arval’s short-term rental contracts give you the benefit of paying for vehicles only when you need them, so you can be confident that you will always be in full control of your budget.

What many organisations need is the flexibility of short-term vehicle rental. Arval’s contracts allow you to operate a fleet of cars and vans, only paying for vehicles when you need them and returning them when they are not required. With Arval short-term contracts, there are no termination penalties. There is no long-term commitment, and the minimum rental period is just 1 day. Not only that, all servicing and maintenance costs are included. You get all the convenience you could ever need.

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One fixed monthly fee for all our services

Control your costs with one monthly rent. You outsource all financial risks related to the vehicle and it’s residual value to Arval. No worries about depreciation, this is included in your monthly rental.


Your vehicle constantly in perfect condition which is all covered by the one monthly rental you pay.


Worn out tyres? When needed, your tyres are replaced without any extra costs and with an unlimited amount of tyres (winter tyres included).


It is the unexpected that always happens. With CarCare  you are all-risk covered. Your own contribution is CHF 1000 in case of a non-recoverable damage. Yearly costs for road tax are also calculated into the monthly lease.


(Inter)national assistance at all times. Support guaranteed in case of a breakdown no matter where you are.


All your vehicle and fleet information 24/7 online including an online archive of all your vehicle related documents as well as a several usable tools for drivers like dealer finder and direct service request possibilities.


We arrange everything in case of an accident. You only report the damage to Arval and we manage the rest of the hassle.


With Arval you always have the right for a relief vehicle without any extra costs.


Arval provides fuel cards of all major fuel companies and manages the complete administration around it. You are free to choose two preferred cards. The monthly lease rate will include a calculated provisional amount cleared once a year.